AluK Customer Portal, Image & Content Agreement 

Image and Content Terms of use 

The marketing collateral, imagery and branded content is solely for use by AluK fabricators and distributors, and approved installers, and is strictly for use with their own marketing communications purposes. The imagery and content shall only be used when describing AluK’s products and systems - not for generic aluminium systems or products - and may not be edited in any way without prior permission from AluK.

Image and Brand Licence Agreement 


AluK® (GB) Ltd will authorise an AluK customer a brand licence agreement to use specific AluK® (GB) Ltd imagery to support the promotion of AluK product(s). Included within the agreement are as follows:


AluK® (GB) Ltd marketing logo 


All AluK® (GB) Ltd marketing imagery


AluK® (GB) marketing content and collateral


The AluK® (GB) Ltd brand licence is non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicensable. 


An AluK customer must not re-brand the AluK® (GB) Ltd product(s) and/or marketing assets developed by AluK to support in the promotion and sales of product(s). The lead brand is always AluK® (GB) Ltd. All dual-branded material must be shared and approved by AluK® (GB) Ltd before release. Failure to adhere to this requirement will result in the withdrawal of the AluK® (GB) Ltd Partner agreement herewith, and may involve legal action.

Use of the AluK Customer Portal 


Access to the AluK Customer Portal is strictly for approved AluK customers and clients only. Misuse of our materials by sharing with non-customers or competitors will result in access to the Portal being revoked and may involve legal action. 


AluK branded marketing materials must not be altered without prior consent from the Marketing Team. If you wish to dual-brand collateral or have a similar request, please contact:


If your Customer Portal account remains inactive for a period of six months, we will close it and delete your contact details in compliance with GDPR.