Testing Facilities

Put us and our products to the test at any time with our dedicated R&D team and rigorous in-house facilities, built to replicate the harshest of weather, noise, and security conditions. All designed to make sure we not only offer the best performing and accredited products for today, but well into the future.





Water splashing onto a window in a testing situation

Come rain or shine

Some say the British weather is uncontrollable, and we’d tend to agree. Which is why we built our own in-house testing facility setup to replicate the worst that Mother Nature throws at us. Making sure that all of our products can keep the elements out, whilst letting fresh air in. And if you need something a little more unique we support you on any bespoke project requirements.

Safe and Sound

As well as taking control of the elements, our testing facility is also set up to test our products so that they are fully compliant to all British and European security standards, meaning it’s not just the rain we keep out. And, to ensure our products operate as smoothly now as they do in years to come we also cycle test all moving parts, from rollers to handles.