Size and Scale

Here at AluK, we’re incredibly proud of the investment we’ve made over the years into our facilities. With this investment and 70 years of global expertise, we have the scale and facility to support you wherever you are in your journey with aluminium, offering you a one stop shop for all your aluminium needs.

A huge factory storage facility

Always in stock

We know bigger isn’t ‘always’ better, but in our case it very much is. Our fully stocked 350,000sqft factory holds over 1,400 tonnes of profile at any one time and in a selection of highly requested colour ways. Alongside this, our three dedicated thermal break lines allow us to quickly and easily expedite any size order you need in single, dual colours or custom colours.

Global scale, personal service

Having our UK base gives us great access to our local market. Giving us valuable insight and accessibility from a market, customer and fulfilment view point. However it doesn’t just stop there, we’re proudly part of the AluK Group made up of strategic business units in 10 countries, with operations in over 50. Resulting in incredible collective knowledge and technology that allow us to push the boundaries of aluminium within the facade world.

A city skyline from above showing AluK windows in overseas cities