Building As Theatre

Creating the Transparent Stage of Human Life with Curtain Walling


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Building As Theatre

Building as Theatre explores how innovation in glazing technology has opened up a world of possibilities in creating an open and even theatrical approach to the design of our cities. Focusing on Curtain Walling, we discuss how each building type reflects the functions it contains, and how scale, texture and framing are made possible through the design and construction of curtain walling.

We consider how well-planned, accurate design, detailing and specification of the right glazing systems is critical to the delivery of sustainable, cost-effective and robust results - from design to manufacture to installation.

What you will learn:

  • Gain an understanding of the history of glazing systems technology and the various innovations
  • Understand the influence and impact of framing, scale and texture in curtain walling on the design of a building, the interplay between all three aspects, and the their impact on the lived experience of occupants
  • The various pros and cons of the different curtain walling system types: which to use and when
  • The rules and regulations that affect curtain walling as well as when to start considering the technical aspects with the project timeline
  • The sustainable properties of aluminium, from end to end, and the role it plays in sustainable building design


Building As TheatreBuilding As Theatre


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