Aluminium Curtain Wall Design: A Technical Guide

Everything you need to know to successfully design, detail and specify Aluminium Curtain Walling, and associated products.


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Aluminium Curtain Wall Design: A Technical Guide

This CPD covers the specification essentials as outlined in the RIBA guidance with particular focus on the regulatory and standards frameworks.

We will cover the essentials and explore the full range of activities involved from conceptual design, important technical considerations, specification essentials guide including regulatory framework and on site/installation processes. We will give a brief overview of the latest legislation and how it reflects building safety and climate change.

This includes the necessary information needed in the correct choice of aluminium glazing system type, possibilities available, their pros and cons and what this means for sizing, span, deflection, drainage, loading and ventilation.

What you’ll learn:

  • Factors to consider when choosing curtain wall
  • An overview of aluminium curtain walling systems
  • The various pros and cons of the different curtain walling system types: which to use and when
  • The system design decision tree – a guide for designers
  • Consideration of design with reference to structure, movement, standards, legislation, glazing
  • The impact of the changes to Part L of the Building Regulations
  • The sustainable properties of aluminium and glass


Aluminium Curtain Wall Design: A Technical GuideAluminium Curtain Wall Design: A Technical Guide


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