The new AluK C70S window system

The Standard, Raised.

Beautifully modern and brilliantly functional, the new C70S is a winning combination of thermal performance, slim sight lines, and innovative features for faster fabrication.

Engineered by AluK to the highest UK standards, the C70S window system offers high quality and cutting-edge design, specifically developed for low to mid-rise buildings in residential and commercial markets.

58BW Flush Window on stone house
58BW Flush Window on stone house
58BW Flush Window on stone house

Discover all the features

Raising the Standard

High Thermal Performance – with U-Values as low as 1.1W/m2K with triple glazing and 1.3 with double glazing

Class-leading Wind and Water Tightness –lowest possible level of air leakage and exceptional resilience to water ingress.

Outstanding Acoustics – up to 50mm acoustic glazing capacity for city-centre projects

Simpler Fabrication – time-saving features like a ‘snap-in’ PVC profile to fit the EPDM